We're experiencing what social scientists call a "Loneliness Epidemic", despite being more connected than ever before.

Researchers estimate that prolonged feelings of loneliness can actually shorten a person's life by 15 years, making isolation as equally impactful as smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

Prolonged social isolation and feelings of exclusion are causing increases in stress, anxiety, and sadness for both adults and our girls. So what's the cure? 

God made us to be in community with one another— but not just any community, authentic community. American Heritage Girls (AHG) encourages you to invite others to join this community, a place where girls thrive because Christ is at the center of everything we do

AHG is a space for all biological girls of any color, race, national origin, and socioeconomic status who agree to live according to the standards of the AHG Oath and the AHG Creed are invited to be members of American Heritage Girls. 



As an AHG family, you know the joy, connection, and growth that comes with joining a Troop. But how do you share that excitement with other families in your community?  

AHG is excited to launch BELONG, a Membership Drive initiative. AHG knows recruitment can feel daunting. That's why AHG has launched a series of resources and incentives to equip girls and parents to spread the word about AHG in their communities.

Build your recruiting toolkit.

Use these tools to spread the word about AHG in your community with those desperately searching for the connection they were created to desire! Click on the buttons below to download each resource. 
More resources available to AHG Adult Members on AHGresource.



Share these beautiful graphics and messaging across all of your social media platforms! Whether you’re looking to recruit more girls for your Troop or increase your dedicated volunteer base, we’ve got you covered! Feel free to customize the social media text to best fit your recruitment needs and your personal AHG experiences! For an even greater reach, encourage your Troop families to share within their circles of influence. 


These bright bookmarks are perfect for parades, event booths/tables, and any time you want to share the faith, service, and fun of AHG with a crowd. The bookmarks are customizable, with space to share your Troop contact information. Choose from three free designs (view them by clicking on each number here: 123) and print them on your own, or purchase the printed version from the AHGstore (available by September 2021). 


Give potential AHG Girl Members a glimpse of the FUN that is AHG! These interactive, foldable invitations are ready for girls to personalize with Troop meeting specifics. After praying about who to invite, girls can gift the invitation and welcome a friend to BELONG in AHG.



This one-sided, printer-friendly flyer invitation is customizable and perfect to share your Troop info at community, church, or school events.

Recruitment can happen anytime, anywhere!

Share these top reasons families join AHG with a friend:

Grow in Girlhood

Girls ages 5 to 18 are invited to join the AHG Program at any Program Level to experience 
age-appropriate faith, service, and fun.


Develop Her Faith

Girls of any faith tradition who agree to live according to the standards of the AHG Oath and AHG Creed are welcome to join a Troop and develop their faith in Jesus.

Learn to Lead

Girls are empowered to discover the leader God made each of them to be. With opportunities for leadership at every age, girls will grow and discover their ability to make a difference.

Discover New Passions

With nearly 100 different AHG Badge Programs from which to choose, girls will find new passions, try new things, and discover their vocation.

Enjoy Family Time

Moms, dads, grandparents, and more* are all invited to serve as AHG Troop volunteers. Sisters who join an AHG Troop attend meetings at the same time and place, making drop-off and pick-up a breeze for busy families.

*Adult Members must agree to the AHG Statement of Faith
 and complete a background check before joining a Troop.

Serve Others

Service is AHG's "middle name"—our tagline is "faith, service, fun" after all! In a world suffering so much isolation, service is integral to overcoming fear of loneliness.

"Welcome one another, then, as Christ welcomed you, for the glory of God." 

-Romans 15:7, NABRE